Cheap Thrills!

Click the photo for J. Merrit's photos of the inaugural Cheap Thrills! show.

Click the photo for J. Merrit’s photos of the inaugural Cheap Thrills! show.

Burlesque on a budget!

Variety store variety acts!

It’s craftacular!

This burlesque and variety show features acts created and costumed on a tight budget. Cheap Thrills showcases creativity, craftiness, and clearance rack/dollar store/thrift ninja skills!

The fourth edition of Cheap Thrills! will be November 19th at Red Light Cafe (Atlanta, GA).

Our cast:

  • Adriana Luce
  • Benjamin Elizabeth
  • Candi Lecoeur
  • Claire Voyante
  • Coquette de Jour
  • Estella Zorn
  • Fianna Flowerchild
  • Lotta Little
  • May Hemmer
  • Tittiana Sprinkles
  • Valerie N. Steele
  • Vivien Laye

Half of these performers will be creating a FOUND OBJECT act – scrounging and scavenging to costume and prop without spending a dime. The other half will have a luxurious $40 budget for their act.