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The Burnlesque Weekender!

April 3-5, 2020

The Burnlesque Weekender is a burn-inspired camping weekend for those involved in burlesque, drag, circus and variety arts, and their companions focused on community, art, self-expression, and self-reliance. During this event, you’re invited participate in and create workshops, performances, art, and other experiences. And have fun.

Burnlesque Weekender Pass

Ticket to Burnlesque Weekender. This pass includes access to the event, camping, and a couple days free of FOMO. Your fee helps pay for the porta-potties.

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SPACE IS LIMITED: about 50 tickets/passes will be sold for this event.

You’ll be asked for your name, stage name (if you use one), your area of performance, your phone number, and any other information you’d like to provide before you check out. Checkout will ask for your email.

A credit/debit card is required. Please reach out if you need other payment arrangements.

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The Burnlesque Weekender is at The Stone Pony, an 8-acre private property in Lithonia, GA. Directions will be provided prior to the event.

The Stone Pony is nestled in between a subdivision and other private residences, but it offers plenty of space for camping and self expression. Because it is in the suburbs, though, it is important to be courteous of neighbors - this means camping areas will have some quiet(er) hours and portions of the property will be subject to “don’t freak out the locals” rules (mostly related to being clothed).

There will be porta-potties available near the camping areas, and the barn will serve as a weather-proof community space. Tent, camper, and vehicle camping is welcome.

Be advised: there is poison ivy on the property.

 Do a Thing!

Volunteer! There’s plenty to do before, during, and after the Burnlesque Weekender. Express your interest in helping out here. This is also where you can submit an event to be listed in the calendar.

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Volunteer Interest *
IF SUBMITTING WORKSHOP/PERFORMANCE LISTING Provide a description of your event, when/where you'll be hosting it, and how people can get involved.

Burn? What’s that all about?

The Burnlesque Weekender isn’t a burn, exactly, but it is going to leverage the Ten Principles. If you’ve never been to a burn and aren’t familiar with that culture, here’s a rundown of participants are invited to approach the event:

Radical Inclusion

While radical inclusion is the first Burner principle, there actually is one prerequisite for participation: the Burlesque Weekender is specifically for people who are actively involved in burlesque, drag, circus, and variety arts (as well as their companions). However, once you’re here, get to know someone who’s not part of your community!


Engage in acts of gift giving. The value of a gift is unconditional, and it needn’t be a physical object (it might be an act of kindness). Gifting does not contemplate a return or an exchange for something of equal value.

The Burnlesque Weekender will not include commercial sponsorships, transactions, or advertising. We resist the substitution of consumption for participatory experience. Don’t bring merch.


You are encouraged to discover, exercise and rely on your own inner resources. Also, your own outer resources. Bring everything you need to survive your time at the Burnlesque Weekender.

Radical Self-Reliance

Express yourself! Radical self-expression arises from the unique gifts of the individual. No one other than the individual or a collaborating group can determine its content. It is offered as a gift to others. In this spirit, the giver should respect the rights and liberties of the recipient.

Radical Self-Expression

The Burnlesque Weekender will succeed through creative cooperation and collaboration. Strive to produce, promote and protect social networks, public spaces, works of art, and methods of communication that support such interaction.

Communal Effort

We value civil society. While this event is on private property, participants should conduct themselves in accordance with local, state and federal laws, and be respectful of neighbors/homes nearby.

Civic Responsibility

Respect the environment. We are committed to leaving no physical trace of our activities wherever we gather. We clean up after ourselves and endeavor, whenever possible, to leave such places in a better state than when we found them.

Leaving No Trace

This event is committed to a radically participatory ethic. Achieve being through doing. Everyone is invited to work. Everyone is invited to play.



Immediate experience opens opportunities to try something new. No idea can substitute for this experience. Say YES. Do it now.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Tickets Are Available?

Currently, there are about 50 passes available; more may be added based on interest and space limitations. Tickets are transferable.

Ticket Prices:

All passes are $25. There are no early-bird or last-minute discounts, and no day-pass rates. This is to cover infrastructure, particularly porta-potty rental.

Gate Hours:

Okay, there isn’t really a gate, but there is check-in to get your wristband, information about the weekender, and an escort to the camping area. Arrange your arrival and departure for the hours listed below. There will be no in-and-out privileges once you arrive unless other arrangements are made, so make sure to bring everything you’ll need to survive until the weekend.

  • Friday: 3pm-7pm

  • Saturday: 9am-5pm

  • Sunday: noon-9pm


You will be back-yard camping, on 8 acres of land. Porta-potties will be available.

There will be no food vendors and no driving in-and-out for food, so bring everything you’ll need to stay well fed and hydrated for the weekend — including a camp stove if you plan to cook. Campfires won’t be allowed, but there will be fire to warm you at night. There is potable water and showers in the house if there’s an urgent need, but the house is generally not for hanging out. If you volunteer at the event you may ask if it’s okay to make use of the kitchen/inside restroom. 

What to Bring:

  • Food and water. Two gallons of water is recommended per person per day. Don’t forget snacks!

  • Camping gear: tent, sleeping bag, air mattress, awning, camp stove, cooking utensils, etc.

  • Comfortable clothing and shoes. Pack layers for warm days and very cold nights.

  • Hygienic supplies: wet wipes, toothpaste, towels, toilet paper, etc.

  • Bug spray and sunscreen.

  • Flashlight/headlamp.

  • A good attitude.

  • Gear needed for any workshops or performances in which you’re planning to participate.

  • Any whimsy/art/games/weird-or-fun stuff you’d like to bring and share.

Leave No Trace:

Leaving No Trace and care for the environment are fundamental values here. Please work to leave this place and others you visit in better condition than you found it in.


All participants will be signing a waiver upon arrival. There will be a safety meeting on Friday before sunset for anyone who volunteers for the safety team. Basic first aid resources will be available, and medical facilities are relatively nearby.

Other Questions:

Is your question not answered above? Send a message.

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