• Most productions are cast via both invitation and open call for submissions.

  • There is no "look" for the cast. All body types and gender expressions are embraced. Body shaming is grounds for dismissal from a show. The exception for this is The Men's Room, which is designed to showcase solely male-presenting performers.

  • Variety acts, such as singing, circus arts ground acts, comedy, puppetry, etc. are welcome to every show. Fire and aerial acts are dependent on venue. Any fire or aerial act must provide proof of performer liability insurance.

  • Stripping is encouraged at burlesque productions (not required, however), but full nudity is not permitted. Pasties, c-strings/merkins are fine; cis-men are encouraged (but not legally compelled) to wear pasties.

  • There is no particular time requirement/limitation for acts, but 3-7 minutes is a recommended range.

  • There will be a curtain call. You may do curtain call in panties and pasties, but you must be covered in line with legal requirements. Performers are encouraged to dress in a manner fitting the show, as there will likely be photos of the curtain call.

  • All positions - cast and crew - are paid, unless other arrangements are confirmed upon booking.

Performer Conduct

Professionalism & Courtesy

  • Please be considerate of your colleagues. This includes refraining from using their things without permission, costume-spreading, eating messy or smelly food in the green room, and avoiding any urge to gossip. Please ask before taking pictures backstage.

  • Crew and approved personnel only backstage. If you need someone to help you to load-in or load-out, give a heads-up and ensure that your colleagues are not undressed. Ensure that your assistant’s visit is brief. The green room is a private space from call time until load-out.

  • If you have a personal conflict with another performer, please do your best to remain professional during your time at the venue. If you expect a confrontation, please let Sadie know at the earliest possible time; you may choose to excuse yourself from the show, or perhaps pick separate dressing areas (if an option).

  • Deadlines are important, and their dates are set for a reason. Please be mindful that overdue music and notes submissions may result in docked pay or removal from the lineup.

  • The audience is our customer, and they’ve paid admission to be entertained by you. Please be courteous toward our patrons.

  • While there is no “1 drink limit” at any Sadie Hawkins show, please be mindful of your consumption. A visibly drunk performer might not be allowed on stage.

Sometimes, Things Happen

  • If you are unable to make call time, text Sadie. The more you communicate, the less stressful it will be.

  • If you must back out of the show, please do so as soon as you know you have to. Most likely, your spot will need to be filled, so the earlier the better. If it’s show day and you (or your kid or your pet or your partner) are in a bad way, we’ll figure it out.

  • If a colleague is out-of-line while at the venue, please bring it to Sadie’s attention promptly after the show (unless it needs to be addressed immediately).

  • If you have a costume malfunction, it’s okay. It happens to everyone at some point. If you choose to violate the law, you’ll probably land a spot on Sadie’s Do-Not-Book list.

  • A bad day or a life crisis can complicate things. I’ll try to be empathetic, but if you’re chronically late on deadlines or a jerk to people during the gig, you’re unlikely to be welcome back. Don’t be that person.

  • If you have questions or concerns, ASK.