PinCurl Magazine

March 6, 2015

Atlanta burlesque performers teamed up with J Merritt Photography as the international burlesque community erupted in response to a the dismissal of Ruby Rage from Lucky Pierre's in New Orleans. This story from PinCurl Magazine features Sadie Hawkins, Talloolah Love, Lola Lesoleil, Mickie Sinn, Bunny Wigglebottom, The Chameleon Queen, Pinky Shear, Mary S. Berry, and Roula Roulette. Sadie Hawkins. J. Merritt Photography

Sadie Hawkins: “Every day, we are bombarded by unrealistic depictions of not just women’s bodies, but all bodies. Pop culture often inaccurately depicts burlesque as conforming to those representations, when the new burlesque was established as a safe place for bodies of all sorts to participate in performance art. #IAmBurlesque is an opportunity to showcase the variety of real bodies of the artists – not just the size spectrum, but the tremendous diversity of heritage, gender expression, age, ability, and so forth.”