Q&A || Sadie Hawkins: Atlanta’s Shapeshifting, Fire Breathing Gem In the Sky


August 1, 2013

The first time I saw Sadie Hawkins was in the green room of the Big Bang Ball at The Goat Farm Arts Center. Among her there were a slew of musicians, photographers, promoters, bookers, actors and pretty much every other staple in the trade you could shake a stick at. I noted a quiet respect for her, exuded by everyone in the room, which was met equally by a hum of adoration. It was not until I saw her take to the air with her lyra, reacting to Flight of Swallows’ improvisational peaks and drones, that I understood why all these people pretty much thought Sadie Hawkins was the bee’s knees. A force within herself, this little lady commanded all eyes of Goodson Yard, all the while complementing the event’s overall candor and celebration of creators in Atlanta. Whether she’s taking to the stage as a mermaid or breathing fire, she transforms experiences everywhere she goes. This week Bang! talked to Sadie about what got her started on this path, where’s she’s at right now and where she wants to take it.

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